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Fred Leighton is renowned for our extraordinary collection of vintage and estate jewelry from the greatest design periods of jewelry's history. Ranging from the Georgian and Victorian periods through the Edwardian and Art Deco eras to the design of the mid-20th Century, the Fred Leighton collection features beautiful works and signed pieces by the great makers in jewelry history. In addition to the Fred Leighton Estate Jewels, Fred Leighton is also known for our signature creations, which combine the design aesthetic of the past with the finest materials and craftsmanship available today.

The Fred Leighton jewel is at once collectible and wearable, curated with great care to reflect the belief that great design is timeless and style is eternal. We have long held that great jewelry is fashion's best accessory. The one-of-a-kind jewels in our collection are each as rare as the woman who wears them.

In the mid 1970's, Fred Leighton opened his first boutique in New York's Greenwich Village. In the early days, he sold unique crafts and ethnic jewels from around the world. He became widely admired for his memorable designs and eclectic taste. By the time Fred Leighton opened the flagship salon on Madison Avenue in 1984, the showcases housed a remarkable collection of the precious antique and vintage jewels that would become the hallmark of the brand. Since the original Madison Avenue opening, the salon has doubled in size and the collection has grown in breadth and importance.

Fred Leighton and Hollywood have long had an intimate relationship, and our jewels have proven that glamour is all about great style. Working with talented actresses such as Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and Natalie Portman, Fred Leighton has raised the profile of jewelry on the red carpet and garnered worldwide attention for the brand. Fred Leighton also has a special connection to the fashion world and regularly graces the covers and photo spreads of the most important fashion publications.

Today, Fred Leighton is stronger than ever and maintains our commitment to excellence and integrity, while always remaining in fashion. Through their Fred Leighton jewelry, we offer our clients the opportunity not just to live history, but to make it.

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Great design is timeless
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Selling Your Jewelry

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