• 18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Citrine 4 Leaf Clover Crescent Pendant by Cartier | Fred Leighton

18K Yellow Gold Diamond and Citrine 4 Leaf Clover Crescent Pendant by Cartier

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METAL18K Yellow Gold
Measurement of the total length of the piece, e.g. the end to end length of a bracelet, the chain length of a pendant or the total length of a necklace.
1.88 inches
Element Length
Measurement of the length of the primary element of a design at the longest point.
35.61 MM
Element Width
Measurement of the width of the primary element of a design at the widest point.
35.62 MM
Closure Type
Describes the type of clasp, closure, finding or fitting used on the piece.
Slip On
Flush Band
Indicates if a band will sit flush against this ring.


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About Cartier

Cartier, the world-famous Parisian jeweler and watchmaker, is one of the oldest and most storied brands in the world. A jeweler to Kings, Socialites and Hollywood elite, some of the world’s most famous and extraordinary gems have passed through its doors. Cartier is celebrated for its exquisite Art Deco style, creating some of the most glamourous and original jewelry of the period in abstract, geometric forms. Throughout the 20th century, many of Cartier’s designs have become timeless classics, from their signature Panther and the Trinity ring to the iconic Love Bracelet. Cartier is known for the quintessential pieces that define everyday luxury and good taste.

About The 1950s

The 1950s represent a decade of post-war prosperity. Fashion, femininity and classic glamour returned to style. Bold, oversized jewelry designs were more open and textural than the chunkier styles that preceded them in the 1940s. Diamonds set in platinum were back en vogue as the inspirational geometry of Art Deco gave way to a curves and swirls. Brooches and earrings featuring spray designs, mixing round and baguette diamonds, became a distinctive hallmark of the period.

About Vintage Jewelry

As curators of 3 centuries of design, we look at jewelry with a discerning eye to find the most inspired, exquisitely crafted pieces. We are proud to share the world’s most renowned vintage jewelry from the greatest design periods the world has ever known.