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Antique 14K Yellow Gold Oval Amethyst Chain

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Ninety-nine oval amethysts totaling approximately 100 carats are mounted in 14 karat yellow gold eyeglass bezels in a chain measuring 60 inches in length.

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About The Victorian Period

The Victorian period represents one of the most important and creative periods in the history of jewelry style and design. Named for Queen Victoria, who ruled Britain from 1837 until her death in 1901, the era was one of prosperity, romanticism and sentimentality, themes that translated to the jewelry designs of the day. Victorian jewelry encompasses many different styles and aesthetics, from old mine diamonds collet-set in silver topped gold, to hand-chased gold and enamel jewels, to bold colored gemstones worn in fresh and creative ways.

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As curators of 3 centuries of design, we look at jewelry with a discerning eye to find the most inspired, exquisitely crafted pieces. We are proud to share the world’s most renowned vintage jewelry from the greatest design periods the world has ever known.