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Antique Pinchbeck Repoussé Knot Pendant Earrings

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Elongated repoussé hollow drops are formed in pinchbeck, a highly collectible brass alloy made in imitation of gold popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. Circa 1840s.

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About The Georgian Period

1714 to 1837
The Georgian period refers to the 120+ year period of English history in which King Georges I, II, III and IV reigned (1714 to 1837). Jewelry from this period is quite rare because so many Georgian pieces have been taken apart or reworked to fit the style of successive periods. Notable characteristics of include large regal gemstones, sculptural and weighty metal, and bow and teardrop motifs. A defining characteristic of the period is the way in which diamonds and gemstones were set in closed back metal with foil underneath in order to highlight the brilliance.

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