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Yellow Gold Bracelet, Vintage Jewelry Collection, Style FL41158


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MAKERDavid Webb
METALYellow Gold
Element Length
Measurement of the length of the primary element of a design at the longest point.
73.47 MM
Element Width
Measurement of the width of the primary element of a design at the widest point.
25.12 MM
Measurement of the outside width of a band ring, bracelet, earring or necklace taken at the widest point.
10.11 MM


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About David Webb

David Webb was synonymous with statement jewelry in New York City in the 1960s and 1970s. Webb started his career at the age of 16, when he moved to New York and found a financial backer and wealthy patrons amongst the socialite set. He set up shop on 57th Street, ran two full-time workshops and employed 200 jewelers and 37 setters. In the 1950s, Webbs designs were inspired by flowers and organic shapes. By the 1960s, his iconic animal jewelry was born - frogs leaping off of cuffs or lapels, zebras on bangles, crocodiles and intertwining dragons. Hammered gold, enamel, colors, textures underpinned geometric designs of the 1970s. In 1975, Webb died at a young age. But his namesake company lives on, and he remains one of the most collectable designers in the world.

About The 1960s

The dynamism of the 1960s was reflected in the bold, colorful and sizable jewelry of the era. Opaque materials in bright colors, such as coral and turquoise, mirrored the hues of the fashion world. Designers looked to Asia, India and Africa for inspiration; the result was a resurgence of gold as well as exotic, global themes. The important makers of the era include Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, David Webb, Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany, Harry Winston, Sterlé and Kutchinsky.

About Vintage Jewelry

As curators of 3 centuries of design, we look at jewelry with a discerning eye to find the most inspired, exquisitely crafted pieces. We are proud to share the world’s most renowned vintage jewelry from the greatest design periods the world has ever known.